Binta Robinson - Attorney (Active Member of the DC Bar)

Binta Robinson served as a former patent examiner and former primary patent examiner employee at the United States Patent and Trademark Organization in Alexandria, Virginia. She examined patents, reviewed patent applications, researched prior technologies, and wrote final opinions on the patentability of subject matter. Binta Robinson has applied her expertise in patent examination as it pertains to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry to good use for the United States Patent and Trademark Office where she regularly delved into the increasingly significant fields of pharmaceutical and biotechnological patents.  Binta Robinson received her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. A Research Careers for Minority Scholar, Binta Robinson attended Spelman through an Undergraduate Minority Access to Research Careers Honors Scholarship. She wrote her senior thesis on “Synthetic Approaches To Biodegradable Surfactants” and co-wrote papers on "Wilson Bands and Pit Patches: Histological and Enamel Surface Indicators of Stress in the Black Mesa Anasazi Population" and the abstract “Inflammatory Secretions from CF Airways Depress Macrophage Phagocystosis of Aging PMNs.” Before this period, Binta Robinson interned at the University of California, Riverside and the Harvard School of Public Health. Binta Robinson has also served as a freelance reporter for the Washington Informer. She subsequently attended George Washington University Law School receiving her Juris Doctor in 2006. In her leisure time, Binta Robinson enjoys biking and viewing art.

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